Assuage Service Menu

Assuage Smoothing System

This service will give you a relaxed style while still maintaining the strength and integrity of the hair. It includes a customized treatment with a protein tonic, hydration treatment and smooth finish. (Partial smoothing system are available.)

Assuage Silk System

Adds proteins to the hair shaft that straightens the hair longer than just a flat iron alone. It builds in moisture, adds manageability, shine, and versatility to the hair.

Classic Sew-in Package

This service adds luxurious hair to create a unique style all your own with a customized shampoo, hydration treatment, two bundles of Classic hair, and a design cut and style. (Closure is optional.)

Classic Express Sew-in Package

This service unlocks the mystery of what celebrities have been doing for years. You can change your look from day to day or week to week. Your new look will be from the Classic Extension Collection styled as you like in less time than a sew-in.

Natural Enhancements

This service includes hair for any type of natural extension style, such as crochet, braids, clip-ins and natural updos with extension hair. Extension hair is provided for the natural enhancement service with a specialty shampoo and hydration treatment included.

Hydration Treatment

Cleanses with gentle balancing shampoo then submerged in hydration with steam.

Classic Combo System

This service cleanses with a combination of moisture and protein shampoos then a hydration treatment. The classic combo system ends with a press or rod set.

Protein Punch System

Restoring the hair with a protein cleanser, restoration conditioner, and a hydration treatment that will bring the hair back to life with shine and body.

Maintenance Collection

Customized cleanse and hydration treatment with a trim to continue the growth of the hair to achieve your hair goals.

Hair Assessments and Coaching

30 minutes, free of charge to ask questions, get estimates,
talk about hair health, styles, colors and hair goals, etc.

Assuage Natural Artistry

Curl balanced cleanser and hydration treatment with natural styling such as twist outs, free hand twist, natural updos, comb coils, etc.

Mega Moisture System

Cleansers that retain moisture infused with honey, quinoa and essential oils to lock in the moisture and maintain balance to the hair with the hydration treatment.

Silk Out

Thermal press or retouch up

Natural Coil

A hydration treatment with a wet or quick curl enhancing style.

Sparkle Gloss

A protein clear shine coat on the hair to give the color or natural hair a glossy finish.

Assuage Vivid Pigment

Color pigments that are vibrant and bound to catch attention.

Assuage Coverage Pigment

Color that covers those pesky silver friends we get with age.

Assuage Blended Pigment

Highlights and lowlights; two colors well blended together to give the hair depth.

Assuage Color Effects

Dimensional show stopping color that puts the “Wow” back in your hair.

Shear Cut

A precision short cut with shears for a customized shape to fit whatever mood you’re in.


Shaping your sassy natural hair


A precise cut for medium length curly hair


A precise cut for long length curly hair