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Crystle Jones Bond, a Nashville, Tennessee native, is a true force in the world of hair care and entrepreneurship. With a Bachelor's degree in Business Entrepreneurship from the University of Chattanooga, she has built an impressive career spanning over 10 years in the cosmetology industry.
From a young age, Crystle discovered her passion for hair and has since become a highly sought-after expert in her field. She has shared her knowledge and expertise as a dedicated educator at Paul Mitchell the School, inspiring aspiring stylists to excel in their craft. Her work has gained recognition in reputable publications like Vegamour, Birdie, and Nashville Voyager, showcasing her talent and innovative approach to hairstyling.

Crystle's influence extends beyond print media, as she has made appearances on popular radio shows such as Nashville's 92Q and Kerry Hines Hair Radio. Her captivating interviews have enlightened listeners with invaluable hair care tips and industry insights.

As an accomplished author, Crystle penned the book "I Want to Go Natural, Now What?" which serves as a comprehensive guide for individuals transitioning to natural hair. This testament to her expertise and passion empowers readers to embrace their natural beauty with confidence.

Not content with just sharing her knowledge, Crystle has channeled her creativity into her own cosmetic line called Classic. With the introduction of the Classic Natural Hair Salon System in 2016, she revolutionized the industry by offering a range of products infused with essential oils and nutrients. This unique combination aids in the maintenance and consistent growth of hair, garnering widespread acclaim from customers and professionals alike.

Crystle is the proud owner of Assuage Hair and Body, a renowned natural hair salon, where she continues to provide exceptional services as a natural hairstylist, editorial stylist, and trusted celebrity stylist and the Master Pioneer award recipient of the Legacy Award. Her remarkable talent and dedication have garnered a loyal clientele who value her expertise and personalized approach to hair care. Beyond her successful career, Crystle cherishes the unwavering support of her loving husband, Reginald Bond. Together, they form a formidable team, uplifting and inspiring one another as they navigate their respective endeavors.

Crystle Jones Bond's journey is an inspiring testament to passion, expertise, and relentless pursuit of excellence in the world of hair care. Through her various accomplishments and unwavering dedication, she continues to shape the industry and empower individuals to embrace and celebrate their natural beauty